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Underfell! Sans X Scared! Shy! Reader Part 2
Okay so elovely-anm, midnightrose1520 and lovemermaid20 requested a part 2 of my Underfell! Sans X Scared! Shy! Reader so Here we go. :3
Sans had taken you to his and Papyrus' shared home. Papyrus was not pleased by this though. In fact he actually had tried to kill you but Sans wouldn't allow it. Eventually Papyrus stomped off leaving you and Sans alone. At the moment you both were on the couch, you sitting as far away from Sans as possible and Sans slowly inching his way over to you whenever you weren't looking. On the TV was Mettaton's show and it was scary to you, well Mettaton was anyway. He always talked in a sickeningly sweet tone, that creepy smile, everything about him creeped you out. You yawned and placed your elbow on the arm of the couch, resting your head in your hand and closing your eyes.
"Tired Sweetheart~?" Sans asked, arms wrapping around your wais
:iconlyralee13:lyralee13 64 73
Papyrus X Shy!Reader | A True Hero

As you and Sans exited the deep, thick forest, he had finished telling you about his brother, Papyrus, and where he lived. It turned out that he lived just a few houses down to the left of your own. You approached his home, and he opened the door and invited you inside. You politely accepted, and walked inside. "BROTHER!!! YOU'RE HOME LATE AGAIN!!!" A high voice came from the staircase. As a tall skeleton walked down from the balcony-like area above you, you noticed he matched the description of Papyrus. As he picked up his brother and hugged him tightly, his eyes snapped open as he realized you were inside the house. He put his brother down, and walked over to you, kneeling down upon one knee, his smile growing wider. "WELL, HELLO HUMAN!! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS, AND IT IS MY PLEASURE TO MAKE YOUR ACQUAINTANCE. WHAT IS YOU NAME?" He asked in a polite and excited manner. "[Y-Y/n]..." You responded as Papyrus offered to shake your hand. You kindl
:iconfearfnaf360x:FearFnaf360x 15 9
Sans X Shy!Reader | Meeting in the forest

Note- The definition of Haphephobia is in the description below.

You walked to your house, looking at your feet, and the bottom of your face (and almost the bottom half of your whole head) was hidden behind your turtleneck sweater. You had a small bag, that held books and two small writing paper pads in it. You were walking home to your 'Mom', Toriel, and like every day, you walked through the forest. It had snowed, so you were cautious, and were paying attention to only were your feet went. You had almost no friends, except for your 'Brothers' Frisk, Asriel, and Chara. The only other 'Friend' was Napstablook, a ghost, who was also timid, and shy. But you...
You were... Very shy... And you were just now getting over haphephobia. You were afraid to even make eye contact. And all you wanted to do is draw and stay and play with your brothers... And listen to music,
:iconfearfnaf360x:FearFnaf360x 21 13
Underswap! Papyrus X Bullied!Reader | I care.


You quickly rushed up the stairs, and into your bedroom. It was the most PERFECT way to start your Summer. Your bullies from school had been visiting the neighborhood, and you just HAD to go to the park that day. They had beat you up, and you had cuts, bruises, and scars from them.
Your eyes swelled with tears, and you buried your face in your pillow, sobbing, and allowing some of the blood from the cuts to soak on it. It's really not like you cared anymore. You wrapped your arms around the pillow, still sobbing, not noticing someone had walked in. You lived with two skeletons- The older and taller one (who also smoked, which you and his brother didn't approve of) was named Papyrus. The younger, more
:iconfearfnaf360x:FearFnaf360x 44 21
Underswap!Papyrus x Reader fluff
Knocking gingerly on the door, you murmured.
"Hello...? Papyrus, are you in there?"
There was a quiet shuffle, and then the door creaked open.
The hooded skeleton smiled gently down at you.
"What can I help you with?"
"Um... Can I just... Come in...?"
He looked curious, but nodded and moved aside, motioning for you to come in.
"Thank you..."
After walking inside, you went over and sat on his bed, looking down a bit.
The clicking of the closing door resounded through the room. Papyrus walked over and sat down next to you.
"So what's up? You seem a little out of it... Well, more than usual, anyway."
When you looked over at him, he had a small smile on his face, showing you that he was just teasing you.
You couldn't help but smile back.
"Um... Were you jealous?"
"Jealous? Of what?"
"Your brother. When he was with me. You seemed a bit more quiet than usual..."
A small orange blush formed.
"N-no... I was just a bit surprised, that's all... You know, walking in with my brother having you pin
:iconcode2000:Code2000 185 47
The Wants of a Psychopath - Josh x Reader
The Wants of A Psychopath - Josh Washington x Hurt! Female! or Male! Reader

~~~ Author's Note: Well someone needs a Snicker's bar...
Warning: Contains Cursing and Stressful Situations.
You have been warned, loves. <3 ~~~

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!"
Eyes wavering to and fro, you thought you heard another footstep- footsteps coming toward you. 
"Please...please don't see me." 
Huddling into the back of a freezing tree, you watch the moonlight filter through its branches. It couldn't see you right? There's no way it could see you. You had to be safe. You had to-
Nearly screaming, you instead bit hard on your tongue and clamp a hand onto your mouth. Like ants crawling up your arms, you feel the subtle but tangible feeling of it nearby. Shaking, but slowly moving your vision towards your right, you felt tears threatening to peek out. 
The Wendigo is twenty feet from
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 80 32
MERCY|Underfell!Sans x Pacifist!Reader
Your shoes clacked against the marble floors of Judgment Hall. This was the final area before you could go meet King Asgore and escape this hell called the Underground.
There was a slight limp in your step, considering all the times you've died trying to spare Monsters left and right, showing them "kindness"-a word that was very foreign to them.
"[Y-Y/n].." The flower who has been by your side since the beginning whispered to you timidly. You stopped in your tracks and looked ahead of you as the chiming of a church bell rang out, echoing through the hall.
Now you were awaiting judgement, for any and every little thing you've done during your journey.
"Congrats," the shadowy figure slowly clapped their hands. "You've made it this far. You've definitely changed a lot of people here. Instead of gaining LOVE, you You showed everyone MERCY, even when they didn't deserve it. How did you do that? Are you really that nice to everyone t
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 498 83
Underfell!Papyrus X Reader: Emotions
(Name) looked down as Papyrus went on another one of his brutal lectures. (Name) immediately stopped listening when she focused on his belt. It looked angry and... Worried?
When she looked up, she saw the same expression on Papyrus's face.
"Huh? I-I'm sorry, Papyrus, I didn't get that..."
When she looked down again, the belt looked furious.
Finally, (name) asked him.
"Why were you worried about me a few moments ago? You sounded angry with me... But you just wanted to keep me safe, right?"
"What? That's preposterous."
The belt began to blush.
(Name) giggled and continued with what she was saying.
"I just don't understand you, sometimes. One minute you're thinking about killing me, and the next you are trying to protect me."
"Well... I..."
"Hehe~ Why are you so shy all of a sudden? I didn't mean to embarrass you!"
"I-I'm not embarrassed!"
(Name) looked up and laughed a bit when she saw him hiding his face.
"You know that the belt shows all your emotions. Righ
:iconcode2000:Code2000 138 29
Underfell Sans x Reader x Underfell Papyrus
(A/n: Before we start, I'd like to say that this isn't really a love triangle and the Uf! Skelebros will get separate fics after this...prologue, I guess you could call it. Also, I'm gonna get yelled at for this, but Frisk is female in this and I gave her eyes. And this is an AU inside a AU. XD AU-ception. Okay, I'll shut up now and let you get into the story.) 
You let a scream rip from you as a large skeletal monster, which was very scary looking by the way, ran straight at you. You darted into the woods, hoping to loose him in all the trees.
You dared not look behind you, but you could hear him closing in on you, big boots crunching in the snow as he chased you.
"Human!" You heard him yell.
In the midst of your running, you hadn't noticed there was a drop in front of you until you were already sliding on your ass down the snowy hill.
"WooaAAAAHHHH!" You yelled.
You 'Oofed,' when tumbled off the ledge of the hill and face planted into the cold snow. You pulled yourself from the
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 125 31
Underswap!Sans X Shy!Reader: A Date...?
You looked at Sans with a smile and a blush. He was always so confident... Could you ever be like that...?
He stopped his hyperactive rant when he looked at you.
"Are you okay, human? You're face is turning red, are you sick?"
He ran towards you and looked a little panicked.
"N-no I'm fine... I'm just... Uh..."
Ugh, it was awful... Anytime people stared at you and asked you a question out of nowhere, it made you freeze up...
How could you explain it to Blueberry without stuttering like crazy?!
Suddenly, Papyrus came and saved you.
"They're shy, Sans. They are just a little embarrassed."
You gave him a half-grateful and half-screw you look.
He chuckled and left you and Sans alone in the living room with a little wink.
You sat on the couch, feeling little tears come to your eyes. Why were you crying?! You had no idea. Was it your shyness? Was it the fear of being rejected-? Wait, what?
It was then that it hit you. You had a crush on the little blueberry.
"Um...(name) are you okay...?"
:iconcode2000:Code2000 121 26
swapfell!Sans x reader: chocolate milk
You opened the door to the skeleton brothers' house, and poked your head inside, seeing if one of them were home. nope, not home yet.. You opened the door all the way and walked inside. You had been living with the brothers for a bit after your little... fight with Sans. You convinced him that you weren't going to fight and he let you stay, which you thought was a little odd but didn't mind. It was better than staying out in the cold. You shiver slightly at the thought. Your thoughts then trail back to Sans. He may be a pain in the neck to be around; threatening to kill you, bossing you around, etc... but you didn't mind it all that much.
"no.. it can't be.." You muttered, walking into the kitchen, a light pink on your cheeks. "I have a crush on Sans..?" You shook it off and opened the fridge. You looked around the fridge for something edible. "hmm..." Your eyes lit up at the sight before you. It was a bottle of chocolate syrup! (just roll it--) You wondered how long it had been
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 144 98
Underfell!Sans X Reader: Lonely Cuddles
"I didn't even ask yet, Sans!"
"It's still no."
"Whyyyy?! I just want to cuddle with you!"
"I got that, but I said no!"
Finally you just sighed in defeat.
"Fine... I just wanted to... Spend some time with you... Do you really hate me that much?"
Something about how sad you sounded broke his heart. He finally sat on the couch, refusing to look at you.
You squeed and ran over, glomping him and nuzzling his belly.
"H-hey, cut it out!"
You immediately began to kiss his belly, watching him as he blushed.
"W-what are you doing...?"
You trailed the kisses up his belly, over his chest, and then you kissed his neck gently.
Sans seemed a bit unsure. He wasn't used to you taking so much... Initiative. You kissed his cheek before tickling his sides.
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (N-name)! Hehehehehehehehehe..."
Finally, you pushed him off the couch, making sure he landed on his feet.
"Hey! That's my couch you kno-"
You sat in his spot and pulled him over, making him
:iconcode2000:Code2000 244 37
Underfell! Sans X Scared! Shy! reader
Okay so...  Um sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've kinda been busy taking  a big test at school also some medical issues were caused by it... Buuuuuuutttt anyway I'm gonna write this hopefully you enjoy it :3
You had just escaped the wrath of the insane goat woman Toriel. You were on guard still terrified from the experience of being chased by her with a knife. Luckily the little flower Flowey guided you down to the doors leading out of her house and into the rest of the Underground. As you nervously walked on the path leading to a distant bridge but you hadn't noticed a certain skeleton looking you up and down. He couldn't help but stare at you. This was far from usual for him, on the contrary, he usually didn't have interest in anyone just the urge to be a jerk to them. You saw a stick laying on the ground and didn't want to make much noise as to attract attention to yourself so you step over it but Sans on the other hand did not. He wa
:iconlyralee13:lyralee13 86 100
LXReader Sweet Protection
     'Ding!' The bell on the store door rang out, that was a rare sound to hear. This particular sweet shop that you worked at was never very busy so it was always a surprise to hear the bell that signaled that someone had either entered or left the shop. The reason you had worked in such a place that didn't get much business was because you had a soft spot for sweets. The owner often had you help him restock and set the sweets in their rightful places, there were so many to choose from. There are Angel Cakes, Apple Cakes, Banana Bread, Bundt Cakes, Carrot Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Strawberry Short Cakes, Chocolate Cakes- just any sweet you could imagine including Tarts, Cup Cakes, and Candy! With all the treats, the shop was of course very colorful with different hues of pinks, reds, and all the colors that one could imagine. It also had a very welcoming scent; you weren't sure just why it didn't draw in more customers.
     You looked up f
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 471 76
L x Reader- Don't Be Shy
You sighed as Light finished ranting to Misa about something you weren't paying attention to. You sat on the other side of L, looking at the computer screens as well. You felt your eyes droop a bit. You were getting sleepy. So of course you stood from your seat, acknowledged by L's glancing in your direction before you spoke.
"I'm tired. I'm going to bed," you yawned a bit and began making your way past Misa and towards the elevator doors. Misa followed after you, waving at Light.
"I better go too! Tomorrow's shoot is bright and early so I'd better get some sleep~" she giggled as you made it to the elevator.
Before she let the doors close she teased, "Hey Light~ Want to come sleep with me tonight?"
You saw Light's embarrassed expression for a moment as he fumbled, "W-What are you talking about?"
Misa laughed, "Just kidding~! You're saving it until after we catch Kira, right? You don't have to be shy about it."
"Yes, Light, there's no need to be shy," you heard L mumble, taunting Light
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 1,052 274
Delusional [Erwin x Reader x Levi]
"Say [First]," Hanji's chin settled in her palm. "What is your relationship with Cor-"
"Commander and I are just friends," you bellowed turning away to hide your blushing face.
"Oh?" A sinister smile appeared on her face. Sensing the eerie atmosphere you slowing turned to face your comrade.
"Ha-Hanji-san..?" You were actually a little...scared.
"Hohoho," she grinned grabbing your face. "I was actually saying Corporal yet you answered about Commander..hmm..." She battered her eyelashes cunningly. "You have them...both?"
"EHHHH?! NONSENSE! We- we are JUST FRIENDS!" You yelled standing to your feet. Oh gosh, really no sense in denying it your face was beet red. Hanji smirked. It was too much fun teasing you - you were just an easy prey.
"Ah you're right," Hanji poked out her bottom lip in defeat. Though it was only part of her game. "I guess I am babbling nonsense. I'm sure the trainees are just delusional. They're always whining about hearing screams and moans down the corr
:iconkawaiisoup:kawaiiSoup 499 87


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